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Latest Volume of Jackson Papers Chronicles Tumultuous Year

University of Tennessee history professor Daniel Feller didn’t know Andrew Jackson personally, and he wasn’t born until more than a century after Jackson’s administration ended. But in the past decade, Feller and colleagues Laura Eve-Moss and Thomas Coens have gotten to know Old Hickory pretty well. They’ve pored over letters, editorials, public and private statements from and to Andrew Jackson. It’s part of an exhaustive effort to chronicle his life in the written word.

The ninth volume of Jackson’s papers is now out. It covers the year 1831, when a long-simmering controversy in the Jackson administration came to a head, Cabinet members challenged each other to duels and a rift between Jackson and his vice-president, John Calhoun, deepened. On Wednesday, December 11, Daniel Feller spoke with WUOT All Things Considered host Brandon Hollingsworth.

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