Jackson's Papers on Microfilm

This index directs the user to papers of Andrew Jackson in three microfilm editions. Sample entries:



Library of Congress 1967 film, roll 66



National Archives and Records Service film publication M639, roll 27



Microfilm Supplement 1986, roll 18, frame 1192

Although essentially a listing of recipient and writer names, the index also includes a few subject headings, used only in instances (such as memoranda) where no personal name can be attached to the document. The user is cautioned that listings such as Bank of the United States by no means embrace all items concerning this subject.

Symbols and Abbreviations

* indicates a variant copy of the item preceding

# indicates an item not written by or to Andrew Jackson


address, speech




financial document (e.g., invoice, receipt, bill of sale, promissory note)


legal document (e.g., minutes and records of courts, deposition, subpoena, power of attorney, agreement)


land record (e.g., deed, survey)




presidential pardon or remission

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